Chore Chart

So what does it say about me as a parent that Daniel came to me and said, “Mom, I think I should have a list of my chores that I can check off and if I do them all, on payday I get some allowance.”

Um, okay. He even suggested that his allowance should be half his age. I’m not really sure where he came up with that but it works for me!

So last night (after my second reminder from Daniel) I searched online for a simple and free printable chore chart. I found one that I really liked but couldn’t find it as a printable. So I made my own.

chore chart

Simple and easily customizable.

We agreed on the following chores.

Morning chores:

Make bed
Feed Stanley
Get dressed
Brush teeth
Pack school bag

Afternoon chore:
Unpack school bag and put away

Evening chores:
Feed Stanley
Brush teeth
Read for 20 minutes

We realize that some of these are not actually chores but they are habits we would like him to develop.

Would you like this chore chart?  I’ve made it available as a free PDF printable (without Daniel’s name of course)!