DVD Organization {And Kind of a Tutorial}

I may be addicted to organizing. This was bothering me big time the other day.

DVD Organization


I’ve been wanting to get some baskets to stow away the DVD’s but I was presented with dos problemos.

1. Baskets are kind of expensive.
2. Baskets scratch furniture.

Problem one was solved when I found out I won a $50 Amex gift card from The Handmade Home! You should definitaly hop on over, there is a TON of inspiration.

So off to Target I went in search of the perfect basket. I even measured the length and depth of the shelves first! I only tell you that because I am impressed with myself for not just winging it.

I found these.

DVD Organization

Perfect for our black bookcase, one problem though as I said before, baskets scratch furniture.

So this is where the kind of tutorial comes in.

I wanted these baskets so after I left Target I went to Michael’s to pick up black crafters felt. No need to buy the good stuff.

Once I got home I ignored the fact that the kids wanted dinner and started on my little project. (Do you know how long Goldfish crackers can get kids off your back? At least an hour.) I cut the felt pieces to the size of the baskets and then used hot glue to stick them to the bottom.

DVD Organization


DVD Organization

And that’s all she wrote folks.

I loaded the baskets with the DVD’s and placed them back on the shelf, they slide in like buttah.

Now instead of staring at this.

DVD Organization

I get to admire this.

DVD Organization

Kind of gives you goose bumps doesn’t it?

DVD Organization

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  1. Great idea! I never thought of that!

  2. That's lovely.

  3. Yep – gotta love baskets! And TarJay, too! I did the same thing to the baskets in my laundry room area – thought I was so smart and all…

  4. Beautiful results!

  5. Did you put the glue all over the bottom or just along sides/edges? I don’t have hot glue and have same baskets scratching furniture.

    • Hey Kristin, I put glue all around the edges and then made an x over the bottom with the glue. Good luck!

  6. I’ve been looking to do the same thing! I actually have very similar furniture to that table and was wondering where you got that one?

    • Hi Shea, I bought those bookcases at Target, not sure if they still sell them or not but they were definitely the right price!

  7. What a great idea! This works really well. I have wicker baskets on the shelf under the changing table and all the paint was coming off due to me sliding the baskets in and out, but not any more! Thanks for sharing this :)

  8. Do you still have the tall books stored in a basket, or did those move to another room?

    • Hi Calena, I moved the books to another bookshelf, they were too large to fit into those baskets.