Black Raspberry Soap

I love handcrafted soap and have been purchasing bars off Etsy for over a year now.  At $4 to $5 a bar though it is getting a little pricey.  The soap is totally worth the price but doesn’t really jive with our budget.  So I decided to make my own soap.  I found some really great sources of information online and decided to start with ‘melt & pour’ soap.  I’m too chicken to try cold process soap making.

I went online and purchased everything I needed for Black Raspberry soap.

Black Raspberry Soap


Olive oil melt and pour soap base

Black raspberry scented oil

Raspberry seeds

Madder root powder

I unwrapped two pounds of the soap base, cut them up into smaller pieces, placed them in a microwavable save bowl and melted them.

Black Raspberry Soap

Black Raspberry Soap

There were still a few un-melted chunks so I stirred the soap base until it was completely liquid.

Next I added the scent.

Black Raspberry Soap

Black Raspberry Soap

Then I added the mudder powder to give the soap color.  I don’t think I’ll add as much next  time.

Black Raspberry Soap

Next I poured in a bunch of the raspberry seeds, next time I’ll add more.

Black Raspberry Soap


Black Raspberry Soap

Jillian helped too.

Black Raspberry Soap

Once it cooled down some I poured the mixture into the wooden soap mold.  I lined the mold with plastic wrap, not sure that was necessary.

Black Raspberry Soap

Cover and wait until it cools and hardens – or as my nerdy engineer husband says, “until it freezes”.

Black Raspberry Soap

Once the soap hardened I opened the mold and cut it into bars.

Black Raspberry Soap

It smells delicious and the raspberry seeds feel so good!

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  1. This is really neat….do you mind telling me how much getting all the supplies cost? Is is something that you would have to initially buy those supplies, but be able to make more of the soap in the future? Just wondering how it compares!

  2. Those look great! I really like the colour of the soap actually. I was looking around online last week trying to figure out how to make my own soap but everything looked so complicated. This looks pretty easy! Where did you go online to find the supplies?

  3. This so almost good enough to eat! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I tell my self I really need to get off my duff and make soap. You have helped inspire me!!

  5. First of all, I LOVE your blog design! What fun, happy colors! And you have really inspired me to try to make soap! Black raspberry just sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. FoalingAround says:

    I love your soap, but FYI it’s a good thing you lined your wooden mold. When making this kind of soap (glyercin or melt and pour) it’s best to use a flexible plastic mold or a silicon mold so you can get the soap out. The type of mold you used is mostly used to make cold process soap, and they are usually lined with freezer paper so you can get the loaf out.

  7. Next step: making cold process soap. Controlling the ingredients in your soap is a lot of fun. And trust me–making soap from scratch is not that difficult.

  8. Your soap looks very pretty. I’m thought about trying to make soap before, but the recipes I found always looked like a lot of hard work. You make it look really easy. And it turned out so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Jillian says:

    I can’t even wait to try this! This looks awesome and I can’t even imagine how good it smells. I’ve never made soap before and think I can make this one. I do have a question though. Did you use the mudder powder ONLY for color? Or is it an important ingredient in the soap making process?
    Thank you!

  10. I was wondering where you bought your supplies…esp the raspberry seeds.


  11. Hello! Thank you for a wonderful idea! Can you tell me-is there a reason I can’t use loaf pans or similar-shaped flat, rectangular pans?
    Instead of buying or making a soap form, I’d like to use what I have. What are your thoughts?

  12. Love how the soap turn out and like to try making them too!!!
    Thank you for this tutorial.

  13. Good job on your first attempt. These look really good, and look like they smell great. :) I would continue to line your mold with plastic wrap because wooden molds usually leak before it’s all set up. I LOVE the color!
    I make cold process soap and it really can be tricky. Plus keeping the lye in the house is dangerous.
    It takes 3-4 weeks (minimum) to cure before you can use it, hence the $4-$5 on etsy, so this is a great alternative.


  14. Mixed Kreations says:

    Just want to let you know that I’m sharing your wonderful soap tutorial on my blog with a pic and link back to you. Hope that’s ok. You can find it here

    Have a wonderful week,

  15. Please tell me where you bought the Black raspberry scented oil….

  16. What a great idear!

  17. ~Mary Jane~ says:

    i’ve made this twice, but when i do all the seeds float on the top. how did you get yours to suspend in the soap instead of float on the top? thnx in advance.

    • Hi Mary Jane, This kept happening to me at first too so now after I add the color and scent I pour it all into the mold and then wait for a while (sometimes up to an hour) for the mixture to thicken and then add the seeds, mix it and let it sit. I hope this helps!

  18. Hi I love this! At which point do you add the olive oil and how much? thanksx

  19. Just a few questions:
    Did you use essential oil or just scented oil?
    Also, what are the amounts of the oil and also the mudder powder?

    • Hi Chery
      I used about a teaspoon of essentail oil and I didn’t measure the mudder powder I just added an amount until I got the color I wanted. It is a little darker when wet than when the soap is frozen and ready to use.

      Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

  20. Can you add vanilla eo to this recipe? As well.

  21. What a neat looking mould, especially the lid.Did you buy it?

  22. I have madder root powder that I bought to use in CP soap, but I also have a large block of M&P base that I got to make soap with my kids, and I found your site when looking for info on how to use it in M&P. It sounds like you’ve probably made this same soap multiple times since this first batch, so I wondered if you have a guideline on how much madder root to use. The color of this soap is lovely, and I love the idea of using the seeds in it as well!

    BTW … CP soap is really not difficult, and with some common sense precautions (wear gloves and other protective gear, don’t make it with kids around, keep vinegar nearby to neutralize any spills, etc.), it’s not too dangerous either. There are several sites that give good step-by-step instructions including any precautions you need to observe. It’s a lot of fun!

    Thanks :)


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