Rehabbing my Shoulder Day 1

I had my first physical therapy appointment today and I was sooooo nervous!!  When I got there the physical therapist first explained to me what I had done to my shoulder-a subacromial decrompression.  My supraspinatus was torn 50% and reattached to the bone with three anchors, hooked part of my acromion removed and inflammation cleaned out.

After that I was brought into a big common room, sat in a chair and heat was applied to my shoulder.  Then the PT massaged my shoulder (using some icy hot stuff and now I smell like a 75 year old woman after jazzercise class) and they did some ultrasound thingy on it (total technical term).  After that I had to do pendulum swings and I wasn’t doing so well so the PT assisted.  I did them first while leaning on my right hand and then switched to lean down on my right elbow.



I also had to set myself up in some torture like pulley contraption where I held on to each end of a rope with one hand and used my good hand to raise my bad arm.  I don’t think I was doing very well because the PT took over after about 10 seconds.  I was having a very hard time relaxing because I was just so afraid of getting hurt!  Finally they applied ice and some device that stimulated my shoulder to help relieve any pain or inflammation.

It was a great session (lasted about 60 minutes) and I am just disappointed that they don’t have any open appointments for me until Monday-not cool.  I told them if there were any cancellations Friday or Monday to call me.  I want to recover as soon as possible!


  1. Denise Luebker says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Shirley!!! That sounds very painful!